The iconic MINI and why you should drive one

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Is there truly anything more iconic than a MINI driving through sewers, down subway stairs, flying through traffic, and outrunning a helicopter? Not really, as the Italian Job truly showed what made the MINI an icon. But where did it all start? Why MINI? What about this brand that carries so much character, made so much impact, that it had to be used as the getaway vehicle in a film featuring Jason Statham, Charlize Theron, and Mark Wahlberg?

It all started in 1957, and all due to a simple factor; the price of gas. Post World War II England, the Suez Crisis led to a surge in prices. With the surging prices came the question, are gas-guzzlers truly the answer? For Sir Leonard, Lord of the Morris Company, that answer was no, and he issued a challenge to his top engineer Alec Issigonis: design and build a small, fuel-efficient car capable of carrying four adults, within economic reach of just about everyone.

MINI car assembly line

To cut to the chase on this story, the MINI you know today came shortly after, although in an even smaller package. As the years have passed, so has MINI grown with its many customers, establishing an identity all to its own. From the Cooper to the Countryman, models exist for all personalities. But no matter the case, MINI Cooper was established to accomplish whatever your needs.

Gas Pump

This all comes back to our favorite MINI movie, the Italian Job. These vehicles were pushed to their absolute limits, testing the ability for the MINI to outperform, outmaneuver, and out squeeze any other vehicle. Even the ability to fit a countless amount of weights in the back of the MINI and then perform an obstacle course, preparing for the theft, shows the MINI’s ability to be both Goliath and David. Capturing even the iconic MINI style, with vibrant colors and racing stripes down the hood, no one can miss a MINI.

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The reason MINI drivers choose their vehicle though, truly comes from the decision to own a vehicle with character; the small details that take the vehicle from feeling like your A to B every day schmucks-mobile, to a defining part of your lifestyle. That is what MINI is all about; a lifestyle for owners who know that, no matter the size of the vehicle, it’s everything else about it that matters.

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