The MINI Cooper S 60 Years Edition

May 31st, 2019 by

MINI has reached an exciting milestone with their 60th anniversary as a brand, and is celebrating with a limited edition model: the MINI Cooper S 60 Years Edition, of which only 500 will be made.

MINI Cooper S 60 Years Edition - front tracking

Although the packages for the vehicle are very-well package for the price of $37,866, the focus of the special edition should be on the exterior style and design. The MINI development team has redesigned the British Racing Green, with this version known as British Racing Green IV, and is only available on the 60 Years Edition MINI. With a richness and depth not previously seen in British Racing Green, driving the limited production vehicle around town is guaranteed to turn heads.

But beyond the paint, there’s 60 Year livery across the whole vehicle: The left-hand hood stripe and both turn indicators have the limited edition livery, complimented by the blacked out Union Jack rearview mirrors. Meanwhile, the interior has a special Dark Cacao leather with white and green stitching, embossed with the 60 Years Anniversary emblem. The rest of the interior is loaded with the 8.8-inch infotainment and sat-nav, Apple Carplay, Bluetooth, and even wireless phone charging.

MINI Cooper S 60 Years Edition - bonnet detail

Performance wise, nothing is new with the limited edition pushing out 189bhp with an automatic gearbox, so if you’re looking for a little more vroom, I’d recommend checking out some of the 2020 JCW vehicles arriving later this year here at MINI of Wichita!


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