The Incoming MINI SE – Electric MINI

July 31st, 2019 by

MINI finally has the Electric MINI that’s been teased for so long on the horizon, and I’m so excited to see it arrive! Deliveries are scheduled to arrive at dealerships by March of 2020, and will match much closer to the current iteration of the two door Cooper than the previous 2017 concept, but it still looks gloriously electric.

Production begins on the MINI Electric this November at the production facilities in Oxford, UK, and preorders have actually already begun throughout much (but not all) of Europe. Here in the US, you can’t currently preorder the vehicles, but you can register your interest at MINI of Wichita and we’ll be able to set you up for the vehicle and ensure first dibs; BMW has stated that over 40,000 customers have registered their interest!

For the exterior of the MINI Electric, as stated earlier, there are numerous similarities between the current Cooper and the MINI Electric. But there are quite a few differences: One of those differences includes a completely different grille based on the electric design, since there is no longer as much airflow necessary as the combustion engine required. Meanwhile, cosmetic differences include wheels and green mirror caps only available on the MINI Electric.

The interior also mimics the MINI Cooper, but with a few changes so that the interior is as techy as the rest of the vehicle. This includes a 5.5-inch digital screen to replace the analog instrument cluster, in addition to the standard 6.5-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay.

The MINI Electric base is supposed to have a range of up to 168 miles, and have about 181 horsepower, which means 0-60 in a little over 7 seconds with the instant acceleration offered by the electric engine. Pricing will start at $36,400, with quite a few options to upgrade, making it the perfect vehicle for scooting around town and plugging in back at home.

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