Potential Mid-Engine MINI?

January 31st, 2020 by

The MINI brand has always been known for creating fun to drive, small vehicles, with the JCW GP model considered the ‘hero’ vehicle for MINI, showcasing everything the brand can offer. But rumor has it that MINI could even be working on a mid-engine vehicle a class above the JCW GP, which would make for the perfectly balanced driving machine.

Inspired by the design of the EV vehicles that MINI has been working on, MINI engineers can take advantage of their latest design platform that allows for less conventional engine locations such as with current MINI vehicles; under BMW, MINI has never actually strayed from the front or rear engine design, and this creates the perfect opportunity.

Expected to compete specifically with the Alpine A110, this would have to be quite a shocker of a vehicle from MINI. However, they’ve been known to develop wilder vehicles, including the MINI JCW rally car. So the idea of a MINI executing on a mid-engine supercar, utilizing a hybrid system as the 918 from Porsche did years ago, is definitely a potential future I’d love to see.

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Even MINI’s head of communications has said, “But if we give our engineers some more spare [time and resource], they’ll come up with a mid-engine car.” So expect great things in the future, and hopefully a mid-engine MINI even faster than the blistering JCW GP.

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