My New 2020 JCW Clubman

August 30th, 2019 by

I know I’ve written about the 2020 JCW Clubman quite often, but I didn’t want to tell you about just the model this time. Instead, I wanted to tell you about my specific vehicle that I ordered, have received, and have fallen in love with driving since receiving.

White silver with black sports stripes, black top, and black mirrors, plus chrome handles and the “19 JCW wheels are equipped on my new JCW, and I honestly did not expect it to look so damn good. Combined with the full grille up front with red stripe creates for a much more modern front end compared to the previous generation of the Clubman. Of course, we can’t forget the changes to the rear tail lamps showcasing the Union Jack, and my favorite, the larger, louder dual chrome exhaust pipes.

Meanwhile, on the interior, I ordered the sports seats for the first time ever, and admittedly was initially disappointed by the lack of power controls. That was also before sitting in them; made with Dinamica and cloth upholstery are some of the most comfortable seats I’ve sat in after working within the automotive industry for over 9 years now. I do not need power seats when I have these seats, not to mention power seats are actually heavy enough to affect performance compared to manual seats.

The rest of the interior changes, such as the JCW steering wheel, or the new electronic shifter have made for an exceptionally comfortable cabin. The new infotainment system (I’ve been a little behind since I my 2016 Clubman S) has been a wonderful shift, with more innovation and options available, not to mention touch screen control. The only issue I have with the interior is the new infotainment controller on the center console, and even then, I typically forget about it because I’m enjoying the car so much.

But the most important thing when buying a new 2020 JCW Clubman is the performance: with 301-horsepower in a vehicle weighing just about 4000 lbs., the new JCW Clubman has been such a joy. Incredible agility and handling performance, tons of acceleration and speed that you feel as you shift into your next gear, and incredible stopping power (seriously, the size of those brakes) has made me look forward to going somewhere. But my favorite part has to be the noise; the sounds the JCW Clubman makes are just so enjoyable, truly bringing the full package together.

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