MINI SE Available for Order

December 31st, 2019 by

We’ve been discussing the MINI SE electric for quite a while now, but orders are finally available to be taken across the country, including at MINI of Wichita!

The first electric vehicle to arrive from MINI, the SE takes advantage of a permanent-magnet electric motor to produce 181 horsepower, and with an acceleration from 0-60 miles per hour of 6.9 seconds, it’s definitely no slouch for such a small vehicle. Meanwhile, new tech in the MINI SE means that there are two levels of brake regeneration, and water pump utilization to reduce climate-control power drain, ensuring longer viability of every battery charge.

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All told, the current estimated range (before EPA ratings) puts the MINI SE at 110 miles for the US, the MINI SE becomes a perfect vehicle for in-town commuting, and plugging back in when you get home just as you would your cell phone. One strategy would be to keep one gas vehicle for longer commutes, and utilize the MINI SE locally; this pans out even better when you consider the price of the MINI SE.

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Starting at $31,600 with the mandatory destination fee, the MINI SE is already fairly feasible from a standard pricing perspective. However, toss in federal EV tax credits and state incentives, and shoppers could easily get their expense to about $20,000. Shoppers should also take into consideration that the MINI SE will need fewer services, runs on electricity instead of gas (which costs less overall), and generally has fewer parts that could break meaning a less expensive vehicle in the short and long term.

Are you interested? Click the link here to order your new MINI SE through MINI of Wichita!


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